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How To Create Simple Marketing Campaigns That SELL

Without Feeling Overwhelmed, Frustrated Or Stuck?


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What Is A ‘Fast Action’ Online Workshop?​

Why Time Is Of The Essence…

This is a ‘Fast Action’ Online Workshop. EVERY DAY FOR 4 DAYS, I'll send you an email with a short video of a highly effective marketing concept and a set of instructions showing you exactly what to do.


Read the email, watch the video, implement it, and share your work for review. The recordings will be available online so you can watch it at your comfort anytime during the day.


By the end of 4 days, you’ll have all the skills and assets to build your own marketing campaigns that sell for your business.


After 4 Days, all access to the workshop will automatically be withdrawn pushing you to execute almost immediately.💪

How is 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL' Important To You?

Are you a coach, consultant, or trainer...?


How would you feel if you can sell more of your products & services and dominate your market?🤩


And see your business launch, grow, and scale...🤑


Without being needy, cheesy, and salesy in front of your prospects...😖


For some of you, you're in a job that you hate, and you're trying to get out. 😨


For others, you are an entrepreneur with your own company... but you're stuck, and you're not sure why. 🤯


And for others of you, you're looking for that one thing that will help you to have more impact on the world! 😎


See, every profession has a clear & shortest path to success except for us, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 😱


To make things worse, your customers on the other hand, are bombarded with ads of products & services everywhere. In fact, they see way more than 4000 ads per day. 😵

This Online Workshop Is Different!

A Less Understood Marketing System For Turning Complete Strangers Into Loyal Customers Who Buy From You Over And Over Again

What your customers actually want are outcomes 🎯 like

  • Better Health,
  • Better Wealth,
  • Better Relationship,

And NOT your products & services.


So here is the secret, what you need to do is create marketing campaigns that champion outcomes and not sell products & services.🏆


When you actually help your customers get their outcomes and only then sell your products & services.💪


You are not only going to sell more products & services but also create a lot of goodwill in the marketplace.💰


And thereby create a brand that your customers will love and connect with.🥰


Here are the three things that literally every business that wanting to be successful need to do ,


Step 1. Show the way how your customers can get what they want


Step 2. Only then sell your products


Step 3. This is the step most businesses never do. Stay with them till they achieve their outcomes, the results that they want to have.


Today, you have the chance to learn the system in the 4 Days Online Workshop 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL'


My name is Mahesh Rajamani. And since 2013, I have been experimenting with these less understood marketing strategies in building my businesses and my high paying clients businesses.


And I charged them up to Rs. 60,000.00 per month.


This is the first time I am revealing these secrets to the public.


You can get this 4 Days Online Workshop 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL' today for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?​

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You Join The Workshop Today!

Here's what I will teach you in the online workshop.


🔥Day 1: Skill-Based Marketing - How to convert your struggling business to a thriving money machine without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or going broke.


🔥Day 2: Mother of ALL Objections - How to deal with sales frustrations yet develop prospect empathy without being bullied and abused by your nasty prospect.


🔥Day 3: Transformational Content Bridges - How to build a brand and goodwill in social media while making sales at the same time without abandoning your ideas one more time.


🔥Day 4: Launch The Facebook Ads Plan - How to spend only 90 mins a day to quickly and easily build marketing campaigns without feeling clueless and stuck.


And, if you are signing up today, you will get the following bonuses. 👑


Bonus 1: Campaign Makeover Template - Step by step method to create your campaign and sell more products (This is valued at Rs.1997).


Bonus 2: Bulletproof Goals Grid - Powerful step that removes your clients' resistance so they can buy more from you (This is valued at Rs.997).


Bonus 3: Content Bridge Framework - Step by step framework to create social media content that can subconsciously create a bond with your customers (This is valued at Rs.2997).


Bonus 4: The 7 Days Facebook Ads That SELL Action Plan - How to create marketing assets with absolute clarity (This is valued at Rs.1997).


Special Bonus: Exclusive Private Facebook Group for Online Workshop attendees where I will personally review your assignments and clarify any doubt you have about 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL' (I don't want to put a price to this. This is Priceless).


That is a total of Rs.7988 worth of bonuses when you invest in this Online Workshop Now. 💸


You can join the workshop now for ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the giant red button that says Join the workshop now before the price goes up and the bonuses disappear.

What is the Catch?​

The catch is,

I'm giving you this workshop for ABSOLUTELY FREE, to "put my best foot forward" and demonstrate real value.


My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.


I want to create a great impression on you so that one day you might do business with me again.


Yes, I have other products and services that you might be interested in.

I’m hedging my bets that you’ll enjoy my workshop so much, you’ll ask to try other training and services I offer. Pretty straight forward really.🤠

Here’s What To Do Next…

If you are serious about launching, growing, and scaling your business, then this the Online Workshop you should not miss.


Join the workshop now for ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the giant red button that says Join the workshop now.


For Your 'Money Machine',

Mahesh Rajamani


P.S.: Now here is the thing, the price for this, if you can find it on the internet, is normally Rs. 4997. But you can have it today for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

So claim your seat now and save over 5000 bucks.


Join the workshop now for ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the giant red button that says Join the workshop now!!

The Next 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL' Online Workshop Starts Monday 20th July @ 3 PM!


Here’s A Recap Of


The Next 'Marketing Campaigns That SELL' Online Workshop Starts Monday 20th July @ 3 PM!


Take Action. Sign Up Now Before The Timer Hits Zero And You Lose Your Spot...

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